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Rehabilitation Center For Children

59 Motilal Gupta Road, Barisha, Kolkata-700008,   Phone: 33-2494-6478, E-mail: in 1973 by Mrs. Jane Webb, President: A. B. Choudhury ( ), Secretary: Mr. A. B. Choudhuri, Treasurer: Swapan De.   Project Manager: Ms. Madhumita Halder

        The Rehabilitation Center for Children (RCFC) provides free medical care to the unfortunate orthopedically disabled children from the weaker section of the community. The renowned orthopedic surgeons of Kolkata volunteer their services by performing corrective surgery. On an average about 32 disabled children are operated each month in the Barisha facility. 
        In recognition of the excellent work done by the center to the cause of orthopedically disabled children, the state of West Bengal has declared the center as a “State Resource Center”.

       The center depends and runs on private donations. You can help rehabilitate the RCFC children in many ways:


1.    $ 800 for cost of an operation
2.    $ 500 for care of a child for one year
3.    $ 250 for year of education for a child or
4.     Any amount toward RCFC operating cost.
(Mail your contribution directly to RCFC)

(Left: An Orthopaedically disabled patient)

As an individual, you can donate any amounts ($10, 20, 50, or more). Write your personal checks to "RCFC" and mail directly to the address shown below.


Make your contribution check in favor of 
Rehabilitation Center for Children (RCFC)”  and mail to
59 Motilal Gupta Road, Barisha, Kolkata-700008. INDIA [RCFC   Contact: Ms. Madhumita Halder or S.K. De Or  wire transfer funds to:  Act# 16375100, Standard Chartered Gringdlays Bank, 41 Chowringhee Road, Kolkata – 700071, India]

"During our trip to India (Kolkata) last December 2001, we had the opportunity to visit RCFC and meet many disabled and needy children like the one shown above. They urgently need your help. "     - Ranjit & Krishna Roy, 3829 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302, , January 9, 2002.

(Left) Surgeons operating on a child patient

Background of RCFC:
RCFC was registered as a society in 1973 with the purpose of rehabilitating orthopaedically handicapped children from low income families. The center was started in Barisa near Calcutta, India to provide three basic orthopedic treatments: surgery, physiotherapy, and aids & appliances.

Most of the children patients of RCFC come from rural areas throughout Easter India. The majority have post polio residual paralysis, several with severe burns contractures. Often, babies and older children are brought to the center with club feet (CTEV).  Many children residents of the center suffer from osteomyelitis, koch's disease of bones and joints, old malunited fractures, and other diseases.

A large number of patients comprises of children from very low socioeconomic conditions prevalent in Calcutta. many come with severe deformities.  The surgical and therapeutic staffs of RCFC strives to make these patients stand straight, walk around alone, with or without artificial appliances.



Children of RCFC after orthopedic treatment.