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Application Consulting & Support Services
    (Assistance with application of the Taguchi DOE for Problem Solving and/or Product/Process Design Optimization)     

Our consultants specialize in the use of experimental design technique to help you create ROBUST products & processes and also solve complex technical problems. We work with your project team and help you complete (PLANNING, DESIGN and ANALYSIS) all application steps.

What we do:

  1. Work with your project team to facilitate planning session for experimental investigation (1 -2 days  onsite).

  2. Prescribe test plans and describe how to collect test results

  3. Analyze results of experiments and identify the most desirable design condition (optimum).

  4. Present findings and prescribe solution (when appropriate)

All you need to do is to carry out experiments as planned and confirm recommendations.

How your organization benefits:

  1. Gain application knowledge

  2. Solve technical issues

  3. Reduce rejects, scrap, rework and warranty cost

  4. Apply advance technologies & statistical methods without incurring cost.

Get a taste of our support. Review  A Walk-Through_DOE_Application: Injection_Molding_Process

    What you do:

    1. Identify project, appoint project leader, and establish performance STATUS-1
    2. Work (project team) with us (1 - 2 days) on project discussions
    3. Conduct prescribed experiments and report results (4 - 16 separate experiments depending on the project complexity)
    4. Implement changes when improvement is confirmed and evaluate performance, STATUS-2.

"Support your team with change implementation"

    Cost you incur:

    • Fees for consultant
    • Cost to perform planned experiments
Review and print Sample Problem Solving Project Reports: Report-I Report-II        List of Nutek Client Companies  Seminar/Workshop


Areas of activities we help clients accomplish their experimental studies (What we do):
  • Project Definition - Identifying projects with higher return on investment (ROI) and defining SYSTEM boundaries clearly, are important to project success.
  • Experiment Planning - Structured discussions to assure that "no stone is left un-turned" is necessary for effective outcome. We  facilitate the team discussions to determine project OBJECTIVES and key VARIABLES (Factors to study).
  • Experiment Layout - Fewer experiments that produce most information is the guiding principle. Based on planning discussions, we prescribe plans that include test recipes and data collection instructions.
  • Running Planned Tests - Conducting test true to the plan is essential. If needed, we are available to help you conduct test with accurate parameters.
  • Analysis of Results - Objective and statistically valid analyses often reveal hidden factor behavior. We can evaluate test results to determine practicable conclusions and estimate expected performance improvement with confidence interval. 

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Below are example applications that show how manufacturing clients benefited from our services:- 
  (1)     Client business/activity:   Research & development of medical devices and equipments.
Areas of DOE Applications:   Simulation study using CAD & FEM
Objective of Study:   Optimize design before release. Needed expert advice and review of simulation study results to determine design parameters. 
Current level of DOE expertise within project team:   Team leader was well read on DOE/Taguchi principles. Also knows how to use Qualitek-4 to analyze results of example experiments in DEMO version. Sought assurance by having the test results analyzed by specialist/consultant.
Areas of support received from Nutek:   Analysis of DOE results produced from FEM simulation study
Client benefits:   Reduced time in FEM model iterations for optimized design
  (2)     Client business/activity:   Fabrication of high volume, precision electronic connectors (Snapped fit male-female part)
Areas of DOE Applications:   Fabrication process
Objective of Study:   Reduce high rejects due to out of specification (pull/separating loads) parts.
Current level of DOE expertise within project team:   Team leader read the book. Disagreement among key members on what fixes to follow. No team member was familiar to lead application process. The team agreed to pursue structured tests and sought outside help to guide them through the entire experimental study.
Areas of support received from Nutek:   Experiment PLANNING, experiment DESIGN, and ANALYSIS of results.
Client benefits:   Reduced rejects from production parts (narrowed distribution)
  (3)     Client business/activity:   Wave soldering PC boards for automotive electronic displays of dash-board applications.
Areas of DOE Applications:   Soldering process
Objective of Study:   Reduce scraps and warranty returns by optimizing process parameters.
Current level of DOE expertise within project team:   The team was familiar with benefit of DOE/Taguchi, but not with the application process. The project team sought complete guidance on application.
Areas of support received from Nutek:   Experiment PLANNING, experiment DESIGN, and ANALYSIS of results.
Client benefits:   Reduced scraps and customer complaints from soldered parts.
 (4)     Client business/activity:   Research manufacturing of automotive transmission component (Clutch plate).
Areas of DOE Applications:   Stamping & fabrication process study.
Objective of Study:   Eliminate customer complaints due to STICKY & RUSTY parts that increase assembly by robot. Make process robust such that the parts are immune to rust and chemicals use for rust inhibition.
Current level of DOE expertise within project team:   Project leader was familiar with the technique, but lack experience to address the immediate problems.
Areas of support received from Nutek:   Training and complete project support in all phases of application.
Client benefits:   Much cleaner part that are also rust resistant.
Testimonial on a Production  Application    Our Structured Problem Solving Methodology




(Our Problem Solving Methodology)

1. Nutek's approach
  • (a)   Work with project team to facilitate brainstorming process and arrive at consensus decisions.

              - Clarify scopes and objectives     

              - Help the project team arrive at decisions that are practicable.

2. How do clients benefit?

-  Quickly resolve issues with larger project team

-  Reduce learning time and building in-house expertise

-  Obtain statistically valid conclusions, solutions to problems, and establish trend of influences.

-  Reduce scraps, rework, rejects, and warranty costs due to variability

-  Design ROBUST products and processes.

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A Walk-Through_DOE_Application: Injection_Molding_Process






List of Nutek Client Companies