Gates DFSS Training Resource and Software Download (Feb. - July 2012)

  1. Download and install Qualitek-4 DEMO (less than 10 Meg.): You will need this software on the second day of training.

    DEMO(32 Bits) Installation/Setup file   ( ) o Qualitek-4 DEMO(64 Bits) Installation/Setup file   ( )

    The following are for your reference only.

  2. RD - Seminar Handout Session-I (PDF, participants receive hardcopy in the class)
  3. RD - Seminar Handout Session-II (PDF, participants receive hardcopy in the class)
  4. RD - Seminar Slides (PDF, reference only)
  5. A Walk-Through_DOE_Application: Injection_Molding_Process (PDF, reference only)
  6. RD-Application Roadmap for DOE & Robust Designs

- RKR, Instructor 2/16/2012